Promech were engaged by Wave International to complete the piping design and pipe stress analysis works associated with the following capital upgrade projects at an alumina refinery:

  • The design, fabrication and installation of a new caustic transfer line between two caustic storage bladders
  • The design, fabrication and installation of a new stage 1 digestion primary dilution liquor piping system, involving five new lines
  • The design, fabrication and installation of two new sulphuric acid blowdown return lines


The primary focus of Promech’s scope was the completion of a detailed pipe stress analysis for each capital upgrade project.

Pipe stress analyses, completed using Caesar II, were utilised to calculate code stresses and confirm they were in compliance with the requirements of ASME B31.3:

  • To calculate equipment loads to ensure they were acceptable,
  • To calculate support loads to enable the design of all associated pipe supports and;
  • To calculate the lowest natural frequency of the piping system to ensure it was above the minimum recommended industry guideline.

A comprehensive pipe stress analysis report was produced by Promech as the final deliverable for each project.

Project Achievement

Promech’s key project achievements included:

  • Ability to understand and account for the restrictions the brownfield nature of the projects placed on the design
  • All design work completed within a compressed design schedule to ensure the piping was ready to be installed in the next planned plant shutdown
  • Completion of all design deliverables in full compliance with the client’s technical specifications and rigorous design review process

Project Details

Client: Confidential

Project Location: Gladstone, QLD

Year: 2018

Pipe Design
Pipe stress analysis