At Promech, we are committed to exceeding client expectations by delivering projects on time, on scope, and on budget.  Our unwavering dedication to each project is what sets us apart from our competitors. Whether it is a small or large-scale project, our team is committed to catering to your specific needs.  

Our multi-disciplinary team assists in planning, designing and implementing innovative solutions. At Promech, we implement enduring solutions supervised by our in-house RPEQ engineers. Through effective planning and years of experience, our goal is to create value at every stage of your project’s life cycle. The success of our clients is our top priority.

Point of Difference

  • Commitment and Responsibility for our end product
  • Appreciation of our client’s requirements
  • Quality of our team members and output
  • Balanced, Flexible and Adaptable approach
  • Competitive rates, Efficient use of hours, Fit for Purpose

Our company values

Our key strengths at Promech are our company cornerstones of commitment, responsibility and value engineering.  Our strong team culture and work ethic support our dedication to providing our clients with thoughtful, value-added solutions.

We care for business

•    We are passionate about our business
•    We constantly aim to enhance client value
•    We are cost conscious
•    We create great results together

We keep it simple

•    We are service minded and easy to work with
•    We apply group-wide working methods
•    We work together to deliver effective end-to-end solutions for our clients

We take responsibility

•    We are reliable
•    We never put safety at risk in the workplace
•    We take responsibility for each project

We are proactive

•    We actively listen to our clients and propose solutions
•    We think about the future to generate opportunities and avoid risks
•    We aim to constantly develop and we stay one step ahead

 At Promech we work together to thrive and develop – committed to exceeding client expectations.  View our featured projects.